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Bass Creek Goldendoodles Gallery
Here are some pics of the father and mother and some of there 2013 puppies
Willa hanging out with Mom and Dad
Remington really likes Mavericks new family
Remington loves Wranglers new family
Remington thanking Matthew for adopting Spur to be part of there family
1. Pearl is doing great! Sweetest girl ever. She too ways right at 75lbs. Piper loves rolling and crawling all over Pearl, and Pearl just lets her do it. Pearl still sleeps every night with Sterling. She is a big teddy bear! She is such a big part of our family. We all are in love her so much!!!! 
Take care, 
Ron Buciak
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Hi Carrie! Maverick loves everyone but definitely favors me and my oldest daughter Reagan. He's at the groomers right now and is getting fixed on Monday. I'm not exactly sure how much he weighs but I'm sure it's close to his sister's weight. My father in law calls Maverick "the horse" lol. I'll take a picture of him when he gets back today and send it to you. He really is the best dog. 
1. Sincerely, 
Kim vanhaaster

Hi Carrie,
Thanks for touching base. Pow is doing great! He weighs about 25 lbs too. He has been great with the boys, sometimes he gets a little 'mouthy' with them, but they havj e learned to handle it by not laying on the ground when he is like that 
and giving him a chew toy.
He is an awesome dog, we love him, thanks for making the connection happen!

Michael and Marleane

 Hi Rick! Pow is doing great, we all love him very much! 
Hi!! Murphy is doing very well! He is about 75 pounds now. He is also very smart and very playful. He is beginning to settle down and mature. He has a training session once a week and can sit, down, stay, come, and place (which means go to your bed). He runs with my husband between 10 and 20 miles a week and loves going in the car to pick the kids up from school. Our son adores him!! We feel very blessed to have Murphy in our family!! The last picture is of Murphy with a shirt cut- looks like his mom:)

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May 2016
Choo Choo
Latte and Remington Nov. 2016
Little Brandi ak Bling went home with Nancy H. from Sunny Slope,Ca
Sherman ak  Sundance Kid goes home with Monty, Angela and family  from Hemet, Ca.
Bandit ak Jessie James will be part of Bob and Liz G's. family from Corona,Ca 
Latte and Remington April 2017
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From Carrie and Rick                                                                                                         A special thanks to everyone who got a puppy from us. All we want is our puppies to go to the best homes possible and become members of your family. They Did. Again we met a lot of neat people and made new friends along the way. Thank You All
ChooChoo and Ruger   March 2018
ChooChoo and Ruger 2019
Snicker Doodles
Daniel Rebel
Bodhi Rose